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ALYSSIUN Global Tournaments

Looking for an exciting challenge? Look no further than the ALYSSIUN Global Tournaments! With different categories, this tournament tests your skills in a variety of modes. So gear up and get ready to compete for your way to victory in this event.

Date and Time

Every Friday, from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM Eastern Time.



New York, USA (Coming Soon)

Paris, France (Coming Soon)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Coming Soon)

We are a home for incredible players like you!


Our mission with the ALYSSIUN Global Tournaments is to provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to become a professional gamer. We welcome players from around the world to join and compete with others, regardless of their skill level. Our goal is to create a community of passionate gamers who can come together and showcase their talents on a global stage.


To qualify for the ALYSSIUN Global Tournaments, participants must meet the following requirements:

Agree to abide by the tournament rules and regulations.

Be available to participate in the tournament on the scheduled dates.

Age Requirement:
Participants must be at least 21 years old at the time of registration.

Code of Conduct and Fair Play:
Participants must adhere to ALYSSIUN’s Code of Conduct and Fair Play policy. This includes maintaining respectful behavior towards other participants, organizers, and spectators. Cheating, hacking, exploiting, or any form of unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification and potential penalties.

Anti-Doping and Substance Abuse:
Participants must comply with ALYSSIUN’s anti-doping and substance abuse policy. The use of prohibited substances, performance-enhancing drugs, or any other prohibited practices is strictly prohibited and may lead to disqualification and sanctions.

Communication and Availability:
Participants are expected to have reliable internet connectivity and communication tools (microphone, headset, etc.) to engage in tournament matches. They must be available during scheduled match times and communicate promptly with tournament administrators.

Consent and Release:
Participants or their legal guardians must provide consent and release ALYSSIUN from any liability related to participation in the tournament, including injuries, losses, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Media and Publicity:
Participants may be required to grant ALYSSIUN the right to use their likeness, voice, and gameplay content for promotional purposes associated with the tournaments.

Legal Restrictions:
Participants must comply with all local, regional, and international laws and regulations. Any participant found in violation of legal restrictions may be disqualified.

By meeting these eligibility requirements, participants can compete in ALYSSIUN Global Tournaments and showcase their skills in a fair and respectful gaming environment. The specific requirements may vary depending on the tournament and game, and participants are encouraged to review the official tournament rules and guidelines before registering.


Contact us on Discord to register for our upcoming tournament and determine if you qualify for participation!