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Sponsor the ALYSSIUN international events showcasing the top players in the metaverse. Elevate your brand’s visibility and be part of this exciting competition.

We are thrilled to extend an invitation for your participation in the upcoming ALYSSIUN Global Tournaments. As a sponsor, you’ll have the chance to be a significant part of this international event, spotlighting the exceptional skills of the top 10 players in the metaverse.

By sponsoring this tournament, you won’t just be contributing to an exhilarating competition; you’ll also be elevating the visibility of your brand.

As a sponsor, you’ll derive satisfaction from supporting an exciting event that highlights the talents of top players worldwide. Your brand will enjoy increased visibility, reaching a broad audience of passionate fans.

Elevate Your Brand

By participating as a sponsor, you’ll have a unique opportunity to be a significant part of an international event that spotlights the exceptional skills of the top 10 players in the metaverse. Your support will not only contribute to an exhilarating competition but will also elevate the visibility of your brand.

As a sponsor, you can expect:

Global Exposure: Associate your brand with a truly international event, reaching a diverse audience of passionate fans from around the world.

Brand Visibility: Enjoy increased visibility as your brand is prominently featured throughout the tournament, capturing the attention of virtual enthusiasts and beyond.

Community Engagement: Connect with a community of dedicated players and fans, demonstrating your commitment to the virtual world and its talented participants.

Customized Partnership: Tailored sponsorship packages are available to meet your specific goals and objectives, ensuring a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Join us in making ALYSSIUN Global Tournaments a groundbreaking event that celebrates the best in the metaverse. We believe that your organization’s support will play a pivotal role in the success of this international competition.

Value Propositions

> Brand Exposure: Sponsors will have the opportunity to showcase their brand through virtual billboards, in-game branding, and other forms of virtual advertising.

> Engage with the Audience: Sponsors can engage with the tournament’s audience through various opportunities such as virtual products, giveaways, and interactive experiences.

> Networking Opportunities: Sponsors will have the opportunity to network with potential clients, partners, and industry professionals in the metaverse.

> Positive Brand Association: Sponsors can align their brand with a socially responsible cause that promotes diversity, inclusivity, and equality in gaming.

> Return on Investment: Sponsors can choose from a range of sponsorship packages and benefits that provide value and return on investment, including access to virtual VIP events, customized activation opportunities, and other marketing initiatives that align with the sponsor’s objectives in the metaverse.

Monthly Sponsorship Plan

Silver Plan

$100 USD / month

Cancel anytime; no contract

30-day money-back warranty