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Build Your Own Virtual Space in ALYSSIUN and Customize It to Your Liking

Our SDK lets you create a personalized space in ALYSSIUN with endless possibilities. Design your space 100% on your own: let your imagination run wild and showcase your unique creativity to the world. Once created, easily upload it to ALYSSIUN and share it with others to show off your skills.

SDK for Unity

With this SDK, you can build your spaces in ALYSSIUN ALPHA.

1- Install Unity Hub:

2- Install Unity engine, version 2021.3.7f1:

3- Download the SDK

ALYSSIUN updates monthly. Everyone has the opportunity to upload their spaces before the deadline on the 20th of each month.

Here are some websites from which you can download 3D assets:

The format that can be used for each 3D asset is as follows:

LOD Triangles:
LOD 0: 10000 – 60%
LOD 1: 1000 – 30%

Please remember to always give credit to the designers and creators.
It is essential to consistently acknowledge and provide credit to the talented designers and creators involved in the process.

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