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Experience the Pinnacle of Virtual Reality with ALYSSIUN HD

Indulge in Exclusive Content

ALYSSIUN HD offers an array of premium features, including exclusive worlds, unique items and skins, and early access to new updates and expansions. Elevate your journey in the metaverse.

Superior Features for Elite Members

  • Enhanced Graphics and Performance
  • VIP Support
  • Ad-Free Environment

Access to ALYSSIUN VR Arena!

Experience the Future of Gaming

At ALYSSIUN, we offer an immersive and thrilling Virtual Reality (VR) First-Person Shooter (FPS) experience like no other. Whether you're a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, our state-of-the-art VR arena is designed to provide unforgettable moments of excitement and fun with friends.

  • Cutting-Edge VR Technology: Step into the game with our high-end VR headsets and motion controllers.
  • Engaging Game Selection: From tactical shooters to adrenaline-pumping action games, we have something for everyone.
  • Comfortable Environment: Enjoy a clean, spacious, and safe environment with top-notch facilities.
  • Friendly Staff: Our team is here to ensure you have an amazing experience from start to finish.


Walk-in Rates Price
30 Minutes $25
1 Hour $45
2 Hours $80
Group Rates Price
Group of 4 for 1 Hour $150
Party Package (up to 10 people for 2 hours) $400


Memberships Price
Monthly Membership $120 (includes 10 hours of VR gameplay, priority booking, and exclusive discounts)
Annual Membership $1200 (includes 150 hours of VR gameplay, additional perks such as exclusive events and merchandise)

Special Events and Tournaments

  • Regular Tournaments: Join our exciting competitions for a chance to win amazing prizes. Entry Fee: $30 per participant.
  • Corporate Team-building: Enhance teamwork with our VR experiences. $750 for 4 hours, includes multiple VR sessions and meeting space.
  • Educational Programs: Partner with us for educational VR experiences tailored to schools and universities.

Available Locations


New York, USA (Coming Soon)

Paris, France (Coming Soon)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Coming Soon)


Ready to dive into an unparalleled VR gaming experience? Book your session now and bring your friends along for an adventure you won’t forget.

Premium Experience