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The Year 2022.
> Launching the First Beta Version.
> We are introducing Spatial Audio technology, enabling everyone to communicate in ALYSSIUN using proximity communication.
> Users are now empowered to create their own events.
> Experience the new version that offers improved accessibility compared to the previous one.
> Say goodbye to region-related issues.
> No need to manually download the application for the latest version. The application will now update automatically before you enter ALYSSIUN, ensuring you always have the latest version.
> Introducing the EXPO Event.
> Presenting the Screen Sharing option, allowing everyone to share their screens with others inside ALYSSIUN. Ideal for schools, universities, and meetings.
> We’re excited to announce the implementation of cars within ALYSSIUN, enhancing your virtual experience.

The Year 2023.
> Allow the people to build their own virtual spaces.
> Opening the Market where everyone can sell and buy 3D assets.
> A global communication voice chat.

The Year 2024.
> No more warning messages from Windows, as ALYSSIUN will now be digitally signed by Microsoft.
> Enjoy a new avatar system that allows you to customize and create your own avatar within ALYSSIUN.
> Experience the pinnacle of realism with our Photorealistic and Hyper-Realistic Technology, providing an unparalleled simulation within ALYSSIUN.
> Enter the immersive world of ALYSSIUN VR, where you can access the platform using your own VR equipment for an enhanced experience.