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Latest News from ALYSSIUN

On this page, you can see all the news from ALYSSIUN.

Company name was change
The company name was change from Heyluu to ALYSSIUN

Spatial Audio technology
Implementing Spatial Audio technology, where everyone can talk in the virtual world with proximity communication.

No more BETA
No more BETA and ALYSSIUN is 100% working for Windows.

Create virtual events
Allow users to create their own virtual events.

Easily access than before
New version 2.0.0 which everyone can access more easily than before.

Not account creation is needed
No more problems with different regions
Automatically Updates
You don’t need to download manually the application any more to have the latest version. Now the application will update automatically before you enter ALYSSIUN to keep the virtual world with the latest version.

Screen Sharing Technology
Screen Sharing Technology, where everyone can share their screen with others inside the virtual world, perfect for schools, universities, and meetings.

Now we have vehicles to play.

Portals to move between sectors

Build your own virtual spaces
Allow people to build their own virtual spaces.