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Becoming an ALYSSIUN Citizen is totally FREE

While you can download ALYSSIUN, you will only be able to access 10% of the metaverse. To get full access, you need to become an ALYSSIUN Citizen. It’s free, but it’s by invitation only. You need to find a sponsor from another ALYSSIUN Citizen in the community.


The benefits of becoming an ALYSSIUN Citizen are:

> Exclusive access to the entire metaverse.
> The ability to sponsor your friends.
> Enhanced protection.
> The opportunity to become a president or hold any government position in ALYSSIUN is one of the many benefits of being an ALYSSIUN Citizen.
And much more…


The requirements to become an ALYSSIUN Citizen must be:

You must be sponsored by another ALYSSIUN Citizen.

To obtain sponsorship from another ALYSSIUN citizen, there are various ways available to you. You can find potential sponsors through internet resources such as YouTubers or Twitch streamers, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or you can explore sponsorship opportunities within the ALYSSIUN community itself.

Why should I become an ALYSSIUN Citizen?

Citizenship offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a common goal: to use the metaverse for good. By creating a community of people who are committed to treating others with kindness and respect, we can cultivate a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

As ALYSSIUN Citizens, we have exclusive access to a metaverse where bullying and abuse are not tolerated. This means that we can enjoy all that the metaverse has to offer without fear of being mistreated or harassed. By prioritizing security, we can create a thriving community where people can come together to learn, explore, and grow.

Imagine being part of an amazing community where everyone looks out for one another. As ALYSSIUN Citizens, we have the power to protect each other and ensure that our metaverse experience is nothing short of incredible. We can use the metaverse to pursue our passions, connect with people from around the world, and build lasting relationships.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. As ALYSSIUN Citizens, we must always be mindful of how our actions impact others. We must respect each other’s integrity and work together to build a metaverse that is inclusive, welcoming, and safe for everyone.

In conclusion, becoming an ALYSSIUN Citizen is about more than just gaining access to a new world. It’s about joining a community of people who share a common vision for a better future. By working together, we can create a metaverse that is truly remarkable – a place where anything is possible, and everyone is welcome.