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While you can download ALYSSIUN, you will only be able to access 10% of the metaverse. To get full access, you need to become an ALYSSIUN Citizen. It’s free, but it’s by invitation only. You need to find a sponsor from another ALYSSIUN Citizen in the community.

> Not VR Glasses Needed
> Not Sign Up or Account Creation Needed
> Easy access from your Windows Pc
> Available for Windows Only

ALYSSIUN is a virtual reality universe with two galaxies: Alpha and Ultra. Each galaxy contains numerous planets in orbit, and we have already colonized Genesis Planet in Alpha Galaxy and Delta Planet in Ultra Galaxy. These galaxies have different technologies and purposes.

Alpha Galaxy

Low-end graphics version that can run on almost any computer.

The purpose of this galaxy is to provide a world of endless possibilities. People set up businesses, sold goods, created art galleries, hosted events, and learned using screen-sharing technology.

Gaming enthusiasts created custom vehicles and game ideas to share with friends. People socialized, learned, and had fun in this welcoming community.

Ultra Galaxy

High-end graphics version that can only run on top-tier computing systems.

The purpose of this galaxy is to create a world that pushes the boundaries of technological advancement. It provides immersive environments with cutting-edge graphics that are specifically optimized for top-tier computing systems.

Imagine exploring a world where every detail is meticulously crafted and rendered with precision. From the smallest blade of grass to the vast expanse of space, this galaxy delivers an out-of-this-world experience.

With its hyper-realistic graphics and cutting-edge technology, it’s a world that will leave you breathless.

To get access to this galaxy, you need to become an ALYSSIUN Citizen.
Please read all the requirements at

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