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ALYSSUM is divided into two planets: ALPHA and DELTA. Each planet possesses its own technologies, and both will host multiple sectors, each composed of their respective districts.
ALPHA is designed as a low-poly world suitable for low-end computers, while DELTA caters to high-end computers.

> Not Sign Up or Account Creation Needed.
> No VR Glasses are Needed.
> Available for Windows.



> For low-end computers.
> Space Need: 5 GB.



For high-end computers.
> Space Need: 10 GB.

Stage: BETA

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Your contribution holds incredible potential! ALYSSIUN, a free-to-play virtual world, relies on your support to thrive. As we continue to work towards our mission of enabling global connections through immersive 3D experiences, your donations play a crucial role. Since we haven’t generated revenue yet, your generosity will directly fuel our progress. Thank you for standing with us and helping to shape the future of accessible virtual exploration!

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